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Interview of Spock Buckton part 3: as himself

Hey Jessie, let’s talk about you right now! This is not a questioning but you know we are curious people! So first of all, our blog is called Le Tag Parfait, which means The Perfect Tag: what would be yours? I would say hand-job. When I am watching a porn movie I like seeing hand-jobs: […]

Interview of Spock Buckton part 2: the girls

We think porn industry has changed in the five past years to reach another level: porn isn’t only something made to help daddy or a truck driver to have a dirty hand job but can also be nice movies with naturally beautiful woman and cool dude playing and having sex. It can be something you […]

Interview of Spock Buckton part 1: Popporn

Can you tell us what is Popporn? What’s the story? We started Popporn in 2008. I think it was April and it started as a section of our day job which is called TLAraw : a retail website where we sell DVDs and sex toys. We were getting fed up with some of the porn websites […]