Gone Wild: Nina 1987

Our new Gonewilder is called Nina. She loves feet so much she wants to work amongst them. She likes to dress up as White-Snow (or Sailor Moon) and post pictures on the Internet. Nina may be hot as f*ck, she still manages to think she has a “pretty unusual look”. And one day, she discovered Gonewild : 

Can you introduce yourself  ?
My name is Yanine (pronounced Yah-neen), but my nickname is Nina. I’m 25. I was born and raised in New York City. I am actually an SAT tutor. The SAT is the test that kids in The United States take in order to apply to college. I also work in a doctor’s office. My goal is to become a podiatrist (foot doctor) and I am currently in the application process.


White-Snow ? Sailor Moon ?

How did you find out about GoneWild ? How did you start posting ?
I found out about GW from my friends. I started posting because I thought I had a pretty unusual look and I wanted to know how Reddit would respond to it. It was mostly out of curiosity, but it’s also kind of a sexual thrill.

Why do you post ? Does it fuel your fantasies ?
I’m definitely an exhibitionist. I like to have sex and walk around my house with the shades opens. I just love the idea that someone might see me. It really turns me on.


Do you watch other posts from other redditors on GoneWild?
I do look at posts from other redditors. I have a few favorites. I just love the look of breasts. Vaginas are also very cute to me.

Aren’t you scared about being recognized ?
I’m not scared of being recognized. A dozen or so people that I know in real life actually did find me on GW, but promised to keep it a secret. That might sound naive, but I’m not worried about it.  I have never posted picture with anyone else, but a few people took some picture of me.


How would you describe your sex life ? Do you think that Gone Wild has en effect on it ? Is it fueled by it ?
My sex-life is pretty good. I don’t have crazy amounts of sex, but hopefully that will change soon. Believe it or not, GW has actually impacted my sex-life because it has made me feel more confident and sexy.

Have you ever thought about making videos, like some gonewilders do ?
I have made a few gifs and they were really fun to make. I’ll definitely be making videos soon.

Let me hold that for you

Do you remember your first contact with porn ?
I was 12 years old the first time I watched porn. I was with my one of my brother’s friends in my living room. My whole family had gone to sleep, and we just stayed up and watched a few videos. Of course he found all of these extreme Japanese pornos and a bunch of bestiality. I was so shocked!

Do you watch porn ?
I do watch porn, but I prefer to watch solo girl videos or lesbian porn. If I’m watching standard porn, my favorite porn star is Gianna Michaels. I love her face, her breasts, and her enthusiasm. I’m also a huge fan of Ariel Rebel and a bunch of Japanese gravure models, especially Aki Hoshino and Ai Shinozaki. As a hobby I love to search the “sexy beautiful women” section of 4chan and then see if I can find the names of the girls I like and any videos that they may have made.


What are your favorite tags ?
Tags I like: busty, petite, brunette, Asian, amateurs, teen sex, etc.

What would you change in porn, what do you dislike the most ?
I don’t think there is anything I would change about porn. I watch what I like and I don’t watch what I don’t like. With the Internet, there’s definitely something for everyone.It also depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to see a hardcore gang bang scene with Sasha Grey. Other times, I want to see a cute amateur touching herself.


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