May 2011: Agathe


Toulouse – France

Your first encounter with sex:
Oh it has always been a part of me but if I go back far enough, I remember great adventures happened to my Barbies. But actually for porn, there’s been a meal with friends of my parents, I was upstairs, about 9-10 years old, I was with children a little older and they zapped channels on cable. They put a porn on. I did not really understand what it was at the time but when we got caught, I quickly understood that there was a big discomfort with parents.

Your first encounter with the Tag Parfait?
I stalked your twitter account and ran right into it!

Your meetings with porn?
I watch it less and less alone, more with my boyfriends or just friends.

By what means do you watch porn?
It depends on the guys; we can search for lolporn, like “medieval porn” or if the guy has a big library he’ll just choose.

Your perfect tag?
I don’t have one in particular, but let’s say hardcore videos where the girl is subjected.

And on the opposite, does X-art excites you?
It’s a good thing to see… the hug after the spanking.

Your favorite performers ?
There is a huge lack of cool actors, except Manuel Ferrara of course…

I saw you often spoke with him on Twitter, you can tell me more?
I Skype him all the time! He is super nice, very funny.

And girls?
Kristina Rose ! She has the perfect booty and she is funny. This scene with Manu is really crazy. And her twitter is awesome too. She really need to stop with the duckfaces though !

If you could change the soundtrack of porn movies, what would you choose?
I cut off the sound…

So you’re not in the dirty talk?
On the contrary I love it, insults too, it excites me !

If you had to shoot the perfect porn, what would you change?
Girls should dress a little less like sluts, they should wear less make up but keep screaming. Otherwise, less preliminary.

© Photo par Louis Canadas

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